hOW yOU caN heLP


There are 3 major ways to give financially: 

1. Buy our Products. 

2. Give a monetary donation of your choice through our donation page.

3. Help us Fundraise.  Webster’s defines ‘league’ as a gathering of people for the sake of common good, protection, and collaboration.  YOU ARE PART OF OUR LEAGUE! Truly- we know that some of you have far more creativity, marketing prowess, and business acumen than we do and we'd like to learn (and earn) from that! ... So How? Share and dream up ideas with us. Workout at a crossfit gym? Start a competition and donate the registration fees. Paint beautiful picture or write songs? Let's show those off to the world and also raise a little money. Have an Aunt with an attic full of junk? Let's SELL IT! 


Help us spread our news! The more people our story reaches, the more opportunities we have to give back to waiting families. Even more so, we believe that the Spirit will move through our story to move others to open their hearts and homes to birth families and adoptive children around the world!  SHARE, RETWEET, REGRAM AWAY!


Prayer is our lifeline now and always - and we trust that submitting our needs and desires before the Father gives us strength, courage, and confidence to navigate the complexities of adoption.