Lee French, Founder

With a cup of coffee (extra sugar and heavy on cream), a knack for run-on-sentences, and a deep disdain for surface living- I’ve decided to run wildly in the direction of my dreams.

My list of dreams is ever growing- but the best dream I’ve ever had has already come true. I share a beautiful, messy, imperfect life with the kindest (and nerdiest) man alive and our darling little sunshine boy.

I’ve lived out and leaned on my dreams in different corners of the world and I’m so much better because of it. Bodegas and Broadways shows? Jungle Bugs and Thatch-roofed huts? I’ve been there and done a little bit that. Even bought a t-shirt (and keychain) or seven along the way. For now, though? I’m settling down, learning to live in the now.

My now consists of chasing a toddler , praying fervently for that toddler to have a sibling, walking alongside teenagers as they come to know Jesus, and laundry- lots and lots of laundry. As I have asked God to increase my purpose, my passion- he has answered with “The Welcome League”. This little side hustle is my way of using what’s in my hand to advocate and assist families like mine as we face the beautiful, long, financial giant that is adoption.

I can’t do it without YOU, though. We are better together, stronger together. I look forward to bringing all God has given us to the table and sharing it with everyone who pulls up a seat.