{a collective effort to remove barriers and release hope}



Following our own daunting journey of financing an adoption, my husband and I promised each other that moving forward, we would: 1) give as generously as we have been given to and 2) do whatever we could to ease the financial burden of our future adoptions and those of other future adoptive families. Because we didn’t hit the Mega Millions in late October like we hoped (and because daycare in Nashville is EXPENSIVE, y’all..) the goal of personally financing this promise wasn’t possible. Instead, we feel called to use what God has placed in our hands (time, talent, experience, passion for the adoption community) to bridge the gap between the givers and the need.

You buy a product from our store, you help fund the adoption of a waiting family. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. 

Right now? That family is us. We are a home study ready family currently waiting to raise the necessary funds to bring our baby home via domestic adoption. Our dream? To fund our adoption and then be able to add another waiting family to this mix so we can help relieve their fundraising burden. And then do that again and again.

Simply put, the heart of The Welcome League is that we will continue to grow and gather givers so that one day we will be able to relieve financial barriers and release hope for families, besides our own, pursuing adoption.

Webster’s defines ‘league’ as a gathering of people for the sake of common good, protection, and collaboration. 

So here we are: a little arms-wide-open League of love, hoping you’ll join us as we wrap our arms around adoptive families waiting to give the greatest welcome of all!



Practically: we are designing and selling products with EVERY CENT OF PROFIT going straight to a family working to fund their adoption (that’s us for now!!). To learn more about our current waiting family (or become one), visit our our League families page. 

Idealistically: the dream is that YOU would become The Welcome League. That you would link arms with us- buying our shirts, sharing (and wearing) our mission, and using your resources to reduce the barriers that exist for adoptive families. 

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